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Suzanna “Suzy” Azor has had a long standing passion for creating styles that not only look great, but also will have you feeling even better. Since early adulthood, she has experienced extreme hair loss, which can be a difficult thing to deal with as a woman. This experience immediately piqued her interest in joining the hair industry and pushed her to think outside of the box when creating looks for herself and in the future others. Suzy was undeterred by her circumstances and trained herself to style her fragile hair with amazing creations. Her passion developed into a need to help others like her and with that she made the decision to study cosmetology at The Paul Mitchell Advanced Academy. She continues her education by training with the likes of Ricco “Rippi” Thomas, Tokyo Stylez, Tony Love (Hair Loss specialist), Sunni Daze (Micro link specialist) and Shannel Mariano. Her educational background has afforded her skills ranging from creating her own collection of wigs, sew-ins, wig installments, silk presses, extension maintenance, blow-outs, hair treatments and hot head tape extensions. Suzy also shares her own knowledge by offering instructional courses in making wigs and performing silk presses on natural hair. She currently co-owns Felicity Beauty Bar and Felicity Hair Collection with Joacine Raymond. During her spare time, she focuses on caring for her family and volunteering in her community. Her circumstances may have brought her to the hair industry, but now her skills will bring your hair to life! 

7586 West Sandlake Rd. Ste 127
Orlando, FL 32819

(407) 907-9901

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